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VOIP Solution

The primary interaction with the customer today is over phone and our VoIP systems are designed to keep track and maintain record of all such  transactions and fetch to the data analytic CRM.


RAALINK – Real-time Analysis and Automated Linking of Business Communications – New Generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software customized to your specific needs, enhancing and simplifying your business process with built-in ERP and accounting tools  making it an All-in-One Business Suite with integrated Dialer and IP Phone System for UNLIMITED Users at Affordable Rates using Open Source Technology.


The process of acquiring new customer is fully automated with the status of each leads and action plans and the sales potential is tracked. RAALINK automatically convert a prospect  to customer once the proposal gets accepted by the prospect.


CRM is linked to the Enterprise Phone System or Auto Dialer facilitating Click to Call, Customer Page Pop-Up on Receiving call, Call Recordings linked to each telephonic interaction