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The software does not impose any restrictions on the number of users and is for UNLIMITED USERS. The restriction is imposed by the band width and server specifications.
On-premise CRM is run on computers within the premises of an organization. In this case all the data and information is stored inside the premises of the company, too. Cloud-based CRM software implies that the software and all relevant data, is accessible through the Internet and is displayed in a web browser. Nowadays, everything is going into a cloud, and we would recommend not to stand against this. We provide our hosting services through Amazon Web Services and you can forget about server maintenance at all. Amazon AWS will ensure that all your data can be accessible worldwide and with download lightning speed, no matter how many people are calling your CRM server at the same time.
At the heart of a good CRM solution is something called “sales force automation,” which might sound a little intimidating, but it’s not. At the most basic level, CRM means putting account and contact information in a central and accessible place, so you accelerate and streamline the sales process. For instance, instead of being mired down in yellow sticky note reminders or buried in spreadsheets and Google Docs, you can move leads through your sales team quickly and easily, as a team. CRM can support your sales team at every stage of the sales cycle, from leads to customer management. Below are a few use cases:- View and manage account activity and communications; Use reports to forecast sales, measure business activity, identify trends; Qualify leads and track prospective customers; Centralize customer data; Access, update, and share information across teams and departments.
RAALINK CRM is fully flexible and can be moulded to suit any industries. We have ready made customized solutions for manufacturing, real estate, retail, financial service, auto dealers, education, travel, insurance and media.
Yes. Account, Contact, Product , Quote, Invoice and Sales Order tables get synchronized through integration by developing suitable connectors
RAALINK CRM can easily be integrated to Tally ERP through web interface. Invoices and payment data will get synchronized.
The CRM can easily be integrated to Asterisk or Twilio accounts through APIs. On integration the calls will land to the CRM user and the calls can be originated from the CRM with complete records of all calling being fetched to the CRM, including voice files
We are happy to provide the CRM software with source code for installation in your server by making one time purchase of the solution. Please submit a request for quote and we will be happy to provide our services
There is no license fee per user for RAALINK. The payment is for the services for the entire instance and the number of users get restricted due to the server limitations.
We have a demo site to experience all the features online. To run a CRM for your business data , you need to create a separate instance after subscribing to our services.
Marketing Automation can be described as event-based trigger marketing that is used to launch messaging and offer presentations to customers at particular points in time. CRM helps not only trigger the communications, but also measure the results across various touchpoints. Below are several examples of automated messages: Automated welcome messages to new customers, personalized with their most recent transactions; Thank-you messages to recognize your customers’ activities; Lapsed messages with an irresistible offer to reactivate former highly valuable customers; Cross-sell messages based on previous purchases; Run marketing campaigns that rely on repeated contact or several ‘touches’ with potential customers (ideal for high-value products with a long sales cycle).

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