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Easy for the non-technically minded to create business process in RAALINK CRM

Your are in Control !

With your constantly changing business process your CRM software should be flexible to adapt to the changes. RAALINK CRM provides the flexibility for the non-technically minded CRM administrator or the business owner with no coding knowledge to customise from the front end the application to suit the changed business scenarios.

Like Content Management System (CMS) gives the power of simplicity to manage your business RAALINK CRM, non-technically minded users to create functional processes, new entities, change the layouts, dashboards upload and modify content themselves, without having to outsource the work to a webmaster or understand programming languages such as HTML or PHP.

The benefits of the power of flexibility of RAALINK CRM can be summed up:-

  • Change the layout of any CRM Page.
  • Build conditions for a field to be visible or editable
  • Create new records or update existing records automatically with changes to the data.
  • Change the layout of dashboard
  • Create multiple dashboard to bring to attention critical events
  • Change the color layouts of the pages
  • .... and much more

RAALINK - User friendly CRM for the non-technically minded to create complex processes

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