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Own your CRM with source code

Own your CRM with Source Code

The cost of development of own CRM can be very high, besides the long development time and the changing business scenarios and hence the companies prefer the SaaS mode for CRM  since it is usually sold  with pay-as-you-go subscription-based model includes upgrades, maintenance and a degree of customer support. SaaS subscription models usually operate on a monthly subscription basis and hence there are no large up-front costs, making it affordable for small and medium enterprises. It is quick to deploy with zero infrastructure and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

Despite the above benefits of SaaS CRM, the subscription model has serious disadvantages, some of which are listed below:-

  • Though there are no large upfront costs, you end up paying much more than developing your own CRM application, in the long run, and still do not own your CRM software.
  • Your data is never with you and therefore data security is a big challenge.
  • Integration with your other applications can be troublesome.
  • No constant support team.
  • Your critical business data is stored in the service provider's data center, it is difficult to comply with the government's data protection regulations.
  • Instead of the CRM conforming to your business process, you need to conform to processes dictated by CRM.

RAALINK -develop and own your 'Independent CRM' at SaaS pricing

RAALINK has come out with an innovative approach for businesses to design, develop and own their 'Independent CRM'  with source code custom made for the specific business requirement in their own exclusive hosting/hardware and for unlimited users at prices much less than the total subscription costs. The total cost of ownership of the CRM is nothing as compared to subscription amounts in the pay-as-you-go model. RAALINK is able to achieve such cost reduction by adoption feature rich Open Source Technology and thereby reaping the cost benefits. 

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