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RAALINK (Real Time Analysis and Automated Link to Business Communications) Innovations Pvt Ltd, Kochi, India is one of the pioneers to develop user friendly data analytic Customer Relationship Management Applications to help businesses “Go Digital” in their day to day activities for effective management of Sales and Services and integrate CRM with VoIP ( IP Telephony systems) and other accounting tools including SAP, Zoho Books and Tally. Our solution are unique since we use appropriate metrics to ensure your organization is aligned with your objectives and help redesign work processes as needed. We are rated as one of the Top 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers in India and our integrated CRM Dialer is a game changer for many businesses handling large customer database.

CRM Implementation

With the implementation of a CRM System, the sales can be increased on a average more than 30%. We provide all technical support is selection of the hardware, Operating and System and the right technology to implement the CRM solution to your hardware or you can avail our hosted space on rentals.

CRM Consulting and Data Analysis

Data visualization is not only important to presenting our insights but also for exploring the data for insights. While a weak or wrong visualization can bury a good insight, a strong or suitable visualization can make it stand out. The analytic reports from CRM is designed to take advantage of the fact that the human brain finds it easier to process information when it is in the form of a picture rather than words or numbers.

Artificial Intelligence

CRM and data analytics are the essential tools to design and develop AI tools and train bots. Bots need to be trained to react to every data inputs or data change or analysis results and we have successfully plugged in AI devices to our CRM software to achieve excellent results in business process automation

Internet Of Things

Internet of Things, it’s not just putting RFID tags on some dumb thing so we smart people know where that dumb thing is. It’s about embedding intelligence so things become smarter and do more than they were proposed to do

Know About Us

We help you to grow business with More than 25 years experience with these services.

Our Mission

To reach out to maximum number of small and medium enterprises in India, Middle East, ASEAN and African countries and create awareness on the usefulness of our solution

Our Vision

To be a Global Leader in big data analytics, AI, IOT and business communication solutions.

Our Achievement

The sales revenue of our customers have multiplied three folds within first three months of implementation of data analytic CRM.

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We help you to grow business with More than 25 years experience with these services.

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We help you to grow business with More than 25 years experience with these services.